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that blue/beige color scheme on this site makes it a bit hard to read the text for the links, consider making the links darker



seems like this game is dead. what a shame.


whens next update?

I really love the game and what you've got here. I hope you're able to do great things with this game.

i cant seem to be able to start the game. i keep getting an error message saying application unable to start correctly

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Wow pretty awesome. LOTS of potential!

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Potential to haunt my nightmares..

for some reason all i can see is the sky and everything else is black 

Hi, sorry for the late response. Currently I can recommend you trying different quality settings and window ratios. Updating the graphic driver could also help if you haven't done it. I will try and see if there are any solutions I can apply in the next update. Could you also confirm if this issue appears in the main menu or when you start a new game, and if you can see the UI - like buttons, title text, etc? Thank you.

I like how this looks so far, but more customization options would be nice, as well as a way to see how much health monsters have, an easier way to find monsters, and a save function so you don't have to restart at every game over. Also jumping is very buggy, and combat needs some improvements. 

Has promise, but needs to be worked on. It seems like sometimes jumping can result in you getting stuck halfway under the ground. You're still able to move around, but you're constantly in free fall.

Combat needs to be improved. I couldn't tell if I was actually hitting my target, how much health they had, or which ones were my enemies, and which ones were allies.

A save system needs to be implemented. Having to start over every time is very annoying

Can't wait to see it improve

The game has a very well done environment. I realiz that it is in an early state but I would recommend a couple of improvements for the future. First, when picking up the gear at the beginning of the game, I was able to pick up the armor (since they were fairly good size), however, I could not see the very small red dot that had to be pointed at the sword to pick it up & therefore could not pick it up until I finally saw the dot during the second time that I played.  I would recommend either enlarging the dot or changing it to a large cross-hair or just something with better visibility.  Secondly, when the character is running, there isn't any change in speed whether ahe is on flat ground or going up a rocky mountain.  It seems to me that the speed should be adjusted but if that is not important an aspect then leave it the way it is. Finally,  swordplay was awful.  If it is supposed to be then leave it but it was very difficult to fight those little goblin like creatures as the sword just did not appear to be working right ot going in the right direction. Maybe the sword movement needs to be a slash like a broadsword instead of something that appears to be a straight on stabbing motion similar to  a gladius since the sword appears to be of a larger size.


Hello :) Thank you for your comment! I hope you enjoyed the game regardless of the difficulties. I will definitely use your feedback for the future updates! After many days of developing and testing I simply grow used to the flaws, so I really appreciate your comment.